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Terms and Conditions


1.1 “Client” means any person accessing the Website, browsing its content and/or purchasing the products from the Webshop.

1.2 “Zuvela Solutions” means Zuvela Solutions, sole proprietorship with its offices registered at Rue Fendt 1, 1201 Genève, Switzerland, registered at Registre du Commerce de Genève , ref. number 17514/2017.

1.3 “Website” means the website fully proprietary to Zuvela Solutions.

1.4 “Webshop” means the LouLou’s Dog Fashion online shop within the Website.


2.1 The Client agrees to use the Website and all its contents at his/her own responsibility. 

2.2 The Client shall not:
- use the Website in any way that is contrary to the applicable laws and regulations;
- reproduce and/or distribute any data published on the Website in any way that might cause any damage to the brand LouLou’s or to Zuvela Solutions or any third party.

2.3 Zuvela Solutions waives any and all liability which may in any way arise from or is in relation to the Client’s use or misuse of the Website and for any damage that may arise for the Client and/or any third party in relation to the use or misuse of the Website.

2.4 Should the Website include any data, documents or links to other websites created by the third parties, Zuvela Solutions shall not be held responsible for the content of such data nor shall be responsible for the Client’s personal data collected by these websites.

2.5 Zuvela Solutions reserves the following rights:
- to change the contents of the Website, to close the Website, and to restrict access to the Website, without any prior notice, and shall not be held liable for any consequences which might arise from such changes, closing or restrictions;
- to prevent access to the Website, IP addresses or Clients that engage in actions contrary to these General Terms and Conditions, and shall not bear any liability for that.

2.6 Zuvela Solutions shall not be liable for any consequences which might arise from the unavailability of the Website for any reason.


The Client accepts that the entire contents of the Website are the exclusive property of Zuvela Solutions or its authorized persons. The Client is therefore not entitled to download, duplicate, alter, edit, distribute, show, delete, send, sell, resell, adjust, change the content, create derivatives, incorporate it in other web pages or media or use it in any way other than for personal home use, respecting the third party copyrights, these General Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws.


4.1 Only legally competent persons may register with the Webshop. By registration or guest purchase, the Client agrees to these General Terms and Conditions and declares that personal data provided for the registration process are complete, accurate and up-to-date.

4.2 Any and all purchases done via guest purchase or registered Client’s account shall be deemed completed and Zuvela Solutions shall not be responsible for any non-permitted activities and/or purchases carried out under the Client’s user name and password.

4.3 Registration is free of charge.


5.1 The Client hereby accepts that purchase of products from the Webshop is based on the picture, written description, available sizes and colors. The pictures of products are only illustrative, and are not always identical to the products actually available. Zuvela Solutions does not guarantee that the actual colors of the products are identical to the colors visible on the Client’s screen and shall therefore not be responsible for any such discrepancy.

5.2 All orders shall be placed via the order page within the Webshop. Upon completion of the ordering process and payment, an email confirmation will be sent to the Client via e-mail address that has been provided during the registration process or guest purchase. The purchase contract shall be deemed made at the moment when the payment process is finalized by the Client. The Client shall become the owner of the purchased product(s) upon full payment of all sums due in respect of the products is received by Zuvela Solutions.

5.3 Zuvela Solutions may decide for any reason whatsoever not to accept an order and to refuse to confirm it.

5.4 Once confirmed by the email, the order cannot be amended or cancelled unless in the event set out in clause 5.5 below. 

5.5 Should Zuvela Solutions not be able to deliver the product that has been ordered for whatever reason (e.g. not having the specific product on the stock), the Client shall be contacted by e-mail within forty-eight (48) hours and informed thereof. In such event, the Client has the right to either cancel the ordered product and request a refund or request a new product of the same value.


6.1 The Client shall pay for the delivery service pursuant to the shipping rates listed at the Website. 

6.2 Delivery period shall be fifteen (15) working days of the day when the email confirmation is sent to the Client.

6.3 Zuvela Solutions shall not be responsible for any and all delays in delivery caused by the courier service or force majeure.

6.4 Delivery to the Client shall be undertaken by Swiss Post as a courier or any other courier chosen by Zuvela Solutions, to the Client’s address provided during the registration process. In the event that delivery is not possible (e.g. Client and/or Client’s address not found due to inaccuracy of Client’s data or any other reason, Client refuses to accept the parcel, Client does not collect the parcel within the period specified by the courier, etc), the parcel shall be returned to Zuvela Solutions. The purchase shall be cancelled and the funds shall be accordingly reimbursed to the account from which the payment had been made. In any such event the Client shall be charged for the shipment costs.


7.1 The prices of the products in the Webshop are quoted in Swiss francs, including VAT at the applicable rate. For the avoidance of doubt, shipping charges are not included in the price of the products listed on the Website.

7.2 Zuvela Solutions reserves the right to change the prices of any product at any time, until the moment the purchase is confirmed via email pursuant to Section 5.2.

7.3 In the event that incorrect (higher or lower) price is listed on the Website by mistake, and if the mistake is obvious, Zuvela Solutions is not obliged to sell the products at such price even if the email confirmation has already been sent to the Client. In such event, Client shall be invoiced the right amount and the mistake shall be corrected immediately.


The Client can make the payment via the payment systems listed in the payment section at the Website.


All product information published on the Website, including but not limited to product declarations, are being updated on a regular basis. In the event that information published on the Website deviates from the details listed on the product packaging, the information on the packaging shall take the precedence.


10.1 In the event that purchased product has defects or is not functional, the Client may return it to Zuvela Solutions within thirty (30) days of its delivery. In the event of complaint being justified (e.g. product cannot be used for the intended purpose, is visibly damaged or the size does not fit), the Client shall either be reimbursed or the new product shall be sent to the Client within thirty (30) days of the date of receipt of the returned one. Any unjustified complaint related to defects arising from inadequate handling or use shall not be reimbursed nor shall the products be replaced. In any such event, the product shall be returned to the Client at his/her cost, with a written explanation for rejecting the request for replacement/reimbursement.

10.2 The Client is obliged to return the product to Zuvela Solutions in the condition in which it has been received (unworn and unused) and in its original packaging (commercial packaging in which the product was originally delivered) with the attached invoice.

10.3 In the event that Client receives some other product instead of the ordered one by mistake of Zuvela Solutions, Zuvela Solutions shall cover the costs of returning the product and resending the ordered one.

10.4 The Client may return brand new and unopened products within thirty (30) days of its delivery for a full refund.


11.1 Zuvela Solutions reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions without prior notice. It is considered that the Client is familiar with such amended General Terms and Conditions.

11.2 These General Terms and Conditions and all the amendments hereto shall be governed by the Swiss Law.

11.3 Any and all email correspondence between the Client and Zuvela Solutions shall be made via email address or any other email address specified in the contact section on the Website.

11.4 By accessing the Website, the Client undertakes to comply with these General Terms and Conditions and agrees to be subject to the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.

11.5 Should any provisions of these General Terms and Conditions prove to be unenforceable or invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.